My First Time: ClickList

I’m sure if you have ever listened to the radio you’ve heard a dozen commercials for grocery pick-up. They talk about how convenient it is, but what can you really expect when someone else picks out your groceries? If you’ve been hesitating to order your groceries online, I’m here to break it down for you […]

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DIY Image Transfer Candle

I have really been trying to make this holiday season as special as possible while also staying within our budget. I found this idea on Pinterest and I knew it would be perfect for my mom. My family lives about a hundred miles away, so they don’t often get to see me or my daughter […]

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Grocery lists and tips

I’ve been grocery shopping as a grown up for long enough now that I have learned a few things I want to share with you today. How I make my grocery list, the route I walk through the aisles (yes this is important) and also getting the best deals and the best quality food. Time […]

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Today’s To-Do’s

I’ve got some things to catch up on today. Nothing major, but while I was writing today’s to-do list last night before bed, I figured I’d share a little bit of my process with you guys! I start by doing a walk-through of my house with a pen and my notebook writing down all the […]

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Meet the planner

I never liked the term “lazygirl” but like, that’s exactly me. I would much rather be sitting comfortably, scrolling endlessly through pinterest than mess my nails up doing dishes all day. (Seriously invest in gloves, and use them. I wish I would have started using them ages ago) I think sometimes my mind is so […]

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This little planner of mine

With this beast I meal plan, life plan, toddler activity plan, budget, doodle, journal, love and cherish till death do us part. This one book holds my entire life along with my sanity. But it wasn’t always this way… I, like most people, started out by trying to keep all that junk in my head. […]

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