This little planner of mine

With this beast I meal plan, life plan, toddler activity plan, budget, doodle, journal, love and cherish till death do us part.

This one book holds my entire life along with my sanity.
But it wasn’t always this way…

I, like most people, started out by trying to keep all that junk in my head. All my to-dos, work schedule, gift ideas, important dates, etc just floating around my brain waiting for the chance to lay dormant and be forgotten until the day before an event when someone reminds me that I’ve let my life slip out of my mind.

Then, in comes the internet, a glorious place where everyone seems to know everything and rubs it in your face that you’re not accomplishing as much as them.

While partially true at the time, I fell into that spiralling trap of self doubt. Everyone with their fancy planners and stickers and streamlined laundry lists of why they were better than me.
I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to get out of bed next Saturday, let alone meal planning breakfast lunch dinner and planning to scrub the baseboards.

Say “plan” one. more. time!

It just seemed so unattainable. Where do you even start?
Well, I started by thinking I needed every planner system, sticker pack and washi tape 5-pack that the local craft store would sell me. I packed it all into cute little bags with unicorns on them and it felt like I was getting somewhere.. just not quite there. It became more stressful to need all this STUFF that, to be truthful, didn’t work for me like I needed it to.
But what this taught me was not that your life must be out of control if you don’t washi tape time blocks into your planner every evening at 7:15. It taught me that I just needed something that worked for ME and my life.

I learn pretty well from mistakes and if I can share something with you that helps you learn those lessons without the crushing disappointment of failure, well then mission accomplished.
My next post will be a breakdown of how I use my planner, where I got my inspirations, the different sections (if you can call them that) and attributes that keep my life organized. Stay tuned! 📺


First post!

This blog is where I will be sharing my journey to acclimating into adulthood and all my trial and error getting there.

I hope you’ll join me for life tips, meal planning, toddler momming, fails, laughs and anything and everything in between. ❤️