Time Management Resolutions


I don’t necessarily have new year’s resolutions. I typically make “resolutions” every time there’s a new moon. One of my recurring resolutions is to better manage my time. I sometimes catch myself scrolling on my phone wishing I had more time. I’m working on it.

I’ve been feeling the highs and the lows of the holiday season roller coaster. First the prep and presents, then the execution, finally the cleanup and getting life back to reality. As much as I would love to live in an antique Santa and christmas lights wonderland forever, I have to reclaim my life and home or I will go off the deep end.

This year I really nailed it though, had all the supplies way ahead of time, wrapped early and got some great responses from the handmade gifts I made this year. My family had a good time, I got to spend real quality time with my side of the family, and had a great Christmas day with my husbands family.

Good food, too.

We made a ham with brown sugar and maple syrup with pineapple juice in the crockpot. My husband poked little cloves all over it and it was so cute and tasted amazing. It was really sweet and had a lot of depth to the flavors. I made my mac and cheese, obviously delicious.

We ate off that ham and mac all the way till payday! Total win, I’d say.
I owe this success, and the happy proud feelings I have about it, to really focusing on where my time was being spent. I think I have a sunshine deficiency lately with this bummer weather, so sometimes my schedule is one of the things that really helps me get off the couch.


Time management will look differently for everyone. For me, it starts with breaking it down into what I actually value. What drives me? What are the most important things to my overall success. Checking in with yourself is a great way to really look at why you work so hard, and getting your priorities clearly defined.

This gives you the ability to cut yourself some slack. Or at least to tell yourself “if I get absolutely nothing else done, I am still meeting my goals” What is the bare minimum required to still be moving forward with whatever growth process you are going through? Whether that’s weight loss, spending time being present with your children, or anything, really.

Keeping those “bare minimum” requirements in mind, and doing them as early in the day as you can. I like to make deadlines for myself such as ‘this must be done before nap time’ or ‘at least before husband gets home’ This approach gives me the grace that my brain needs to not feel pressured. If I feel pressured, I run for the hills (gemini sun mercury and venus, smh) so the trick that I have a broader deadline is helpful. Some pressure is necessary though, I still must hold myself accountable.

That’s the whole point!

Finding your “why” and putting your pen to paper is an important step into truly understanding time management and how it works for you.

If you’re interested in hearing more about my specific routines and processes, let me know and I can make separate posts diving a little deeper about it. Thanks for reading, hope you all are well!